Specialized treatment with a human touch.
                             - Dr. Abhijeet Sable
                                                                 MBBS, MS, FRVS,
                                                                 Vitreo-Retina Surgeon (Aravind Eye Hospital)


Retina is nothing but back part of eye. All nerves in eye are located in this area. So it is most precious part of eye. Any damage to this part of eye can lead to permanent blindness.
Retina examination is very simple procedure in which Dr has to just put some dilating drops in eyes for sometime after which as a routine procedure he can see back part of eye.
Though it looks simple procedure it gives lot of accurate clues. It is only procedure where live blood vessels, blood flow, any changes in blood vessels can be seen. So, Dr can look in retina and tell patient whether he/she has diabetes or blood pressure or any other disease even without doing any other investigation. Not only that, Dr can grade, so that he can tell patient whether diabetes was under control or not last few years. This is very important as all blood vessel changes are similar everywhere in heart, brain and kidney. Diabetes has already affected every 5th Indian and it can lead to blindness by affecting retina.
Pune Netralaya is specialized in treatment of all diabetic related eye diseases using world no 1, advance green laser instrument from IRIDEX company (USA).
Pune Netralayais specialized in other retina surgeries as retinal detachment and macular hole surgeries. We are proud to start first fully advanced retina treatment in Pune East.


Everybody of us has got a natural transperent lens inside our eye.
Cataract is nothing but loss of this transperency of lens which may be due to age or other factors like injury.
As now lens is not transperent rays of light will not pass through this so vision will be a problem.For this we have to remove this lens and put artificial lens inside eye which is basis of cataract surgery. We are doing all sutureless surgeries.
1st is manual small incision cataract surgery. Advantage of this is that it is most cost effective .
2nd is Phaecoemulsification. Refer Phaecoemulsification section for more details.


In Phaecoemulsification, surgery is done through very small incision as small as 2.8mm with help of machine.
As incision is very small patient practically does not fill as if any surgery has been done on him. He can join duties immediately and post operative complications are very less.
There are different type of lenses available indian and imported.
Foldable lens is most advanced lens which is put routinely at our center. We are proud that we are the 1st to start topical (i.e. surgery without anaesthesia) phaeco in pune east.


Similar to blood pressure we have eye pressure problem known as glaucoma.
If diagnosed on time it will not cause much problems but if this pressure remains up for longer duration it will lead to optic nerve damage and vision loss permanantly. This disease is very common after age 40.
We have got most accurate applanation tonometer to record eye pressure.

Paediatric and Squint

Child eye is different and problems are also different. Drops which can be put routinely in anybodies eye can be sight threatning for child.
So never put drop in paediatric patient without consulting your eye doctor.
Squint is nothing but misdirection of one of eyes. This can be treated surgically.


Pune Netralaya has got all type and brand of contact len available at doctor's price.

•  Management of Dry Eyes, Corneal ulcer, Penetrating injury
•  Pterygium Excision and Autoconjuctival transplantation
•  Amniotic membrane transplantation
•  Limbal stem cell transplantation
•  Penetrating keratoplasty (Corneal transplantation)
•  Lamellar keratoplasty
•  Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), LASIK, EPILASIK, ZYOPTICS
•  Phakic Intraocular lenses (ICL) for high Myopia