Eye Laser Treatment In Aundh Pune

Eye Laser Treatment In Pune

What is Laser Eye treatment?

Laser eye treatment is used to correct refractive errors (i.e., how your eye focuses light). The most common types of laser eye surgery include LASIK, PRK, LASEK and EpiLASIK. But laser eye surgery can vary in the specifics of the procedure, the recovery time, which surgical instruments are used and your patient candidacy. Do you consider the Eye laser treatment in Aundh Pune? If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place. Pune Netralaya is the one stop center for all types of laser eye treatments.

How long does laser eye surgery take?

There are two types of laser eye surgery LASIK and LASEK. Both types of laser treatment provide the same incredible results. Laser eye surgery is a very quick procedure. It usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes to correct the vision in both eyes.

The ideal age for a laser vision correction surgery is between 21 – 35 years. Because the refractive power of our eye could still be changing before 21 and after 40 years we may develop other additional issues that affect the human lens due to aging. Eye laser treatment in Aundh, Pune at Pune Netralaya is an option for eye power correction. We counsel the patients pre and post operation who want to undergo laser vision correction so that they can anticipate and appreciate the outcome from the procedure opted for.

At Pune Netralaya, we have an expert team of doctors that undergo special training to perform the procedure of Eye laser treatment in Aundh, Pune in the most skillful way. There’ve been major advancements that have improved the quality of the surgery in terms of safety and precision. Laser eye treatment is primarily used for correcting refractive errors, but laser technology has been put to good use in cataract and retinal treatments as well.